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Weekly shipping from the Continental USA. Shipping via sea and air to all the Caribbean Islands

We are the leader in the shipping industry! The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping LLC provides exceptional, personalized local service in the Caribbean as well as in the Tri-State area.

Air Freight

The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping LLC...

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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is an important decision when...

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Door To Door

Door to Door service entails delivering shipped...

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Automobile Shipping

Vehicles shipped with your peace of mind...

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Dedicated Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals that have been in the industry for several years.

Fastest Service

With weekly shipments, our frequency ensures your cargo will reach its destination on time.

Proven Performance

Proven performance and added value resulted in producing loyal and committed clients.

Diverse Staff

Our diverse staff from almost every Caribbean Island is here to serve our customers efficiently.

Reliable Service

The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping LLC has offices throughout the Country and Caribbean. Many clients of The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping are a result of long-standing repeated business relationships built over the last seven (7) years.

How We Started

The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping LLC started in 2016 as a home-based shipping business by Atiba Warner. Three years later, with the encouragement and support of valued clients, Mr. Warner further established an office at 149A South 4th Ave, Mt Vernon NY, 10550.

Proven performance and added value resulted in producing loyal and committed clients. Continued growth and success further encouraged Mr. Warner, created a partnership with different receivers throughout the united states to accommodate the request of his clients

We also have strong relationships with independent contractors who are fully equipped to carry out international shipping requests outside of our New York and Florida Jurisdiction. They service states such as Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Boston and so much more. We ship all over the Caribbean and some parts of Central America.

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