Order Pack and Ship

Order Pack and Ship (OPS)

I guess you must be asking yourself a few questions now such as;
1) How can I order a new fridge or stove and get it to me here in the Caribbean?
2) So I don’t have to spend a lot on money, How can I get a barrel of food without traveling?

The answer is very simple, contact The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping LLC and ask about our Order Pack and Ship service (OPS).

With today’s Covid-19 lifestyles, it’s difficult to find time to go grocery shopping or even get food and other items for a reasonable price. Luckily, The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping offers you the convenience of having groceries, car parts, furniture, household appliances shipped directly to the Caribbean islands!

You can order your items online from Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy just to name a few and have them shipped directly to our address. The Items will be packed in barrels and ship to any Caribbean islands.

How To Get Started

When you are ready to order please contact our office via email at themailboxny@gmail.com for more info or special request.

All you need to get started is our address:

Your Name
C/O the Mail Box Parcel & Shipping,
149A South 4th Ave
Mt Vernon, NY 10550

• We charge $135.00 per barrel / box for consolidation/barrel/storage
• FREE storage for 3 Weeks.
• Products from US online stores to our NY address may take up to 7 business days to arrive.