Door To Door Secure & Reliable

Door To Door

Door to Door service entails delivering shipped items to the receiver’s address in Jamaica The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping LLC will complete the customs process on behalf of the consignee. This includes customs checking the shipped items in the presence of a The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping representative. This takes the hassle out of your loved one having to be at the port to clear shipments. We provide door to door in Antigua, Jamaica and Guyana

The following is required to process the door to door shipments:

  • Valid Form of ID (government issued)
  • An itemized packing list detailing contents and value of shipment must be provided upon pick up

***Note well, the name & spelling of the consignee must match the ID used. Any discrepancies the shipper will have to do an amendment letter addressed to Jamaica Customs to make changes. The consignee will also have to pay a fee in Jamaica to effect changes. Contact Us Today for more information!