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Returning Residents & Full Container Loads

A returning resident is someone who has lived outside of their native/national country for several years and is returning to reside permanently. At The Mail Box Parcel & Shipping, we provide a free estimate for returning residents who are moving their entire homes and personal belongings. Consult with your local government to see if you qualify for the returning resident status and for any available perks. For Antiguan returning nationals, the Antiguan Customs Department formally establishes your eligibility for concessions as a Returning Resident. In order to establish the following will be required to submit:

  • Antiguan Passport
  • Validated Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Documentary evidence may substantiate your intention to re-establish permanent residence in Antigua.
  • Students will also have to provide a letter from the educational institution attended confirming the duration of study or transcript.

You can visit the Antigua Customs website for more information.

Full Container Load

If you want to ship your own container, we can definitely handle this. Whether it’s a 20 foot or a 40-foot container filled with furniture, appliances or any of your personal belongings call us today for a quote.

Useful Information

  • Once your deliver your barrel to our warehouse or have them picked up by us; the barrel is sealed in your presence and the unique seal number recorded on your bill of lading, which can be checked by your party picking up at destination ensure it is the same. Any discrepancy should be reported to the Customs Officer at time of inspection.
  • Boxes should always be taped up properly before pick up
  • Barrels should be closed prior to pick up
  • Write up the name and address of the receiver on the side of items being shipped prior to pick up; this assists our team to complete pick up in a timely manner.
  • It is always a good idea to purchase insurance for appliances, televisions, and furniture items. Damages that occur during shipment can only be claimed if you purchased insurance. Always inspect your items thoroughly at the port before leaving as claims cannot be made after you leave the port. Get a damage certificate from a Customs official and take pictures of items. Forward these to your The Mail Box rep to have your claim started. Speak to our customer service representative for more information.
  • Damages cannot be claimed for improperly packaged items.
  • It is never a good idea to force barrels, boxes, and plastic containers with more items than they can hold; this results in damages.
  • It is always a good idea to ship early and way in advance of anticipated events, especially during holiday seasons. Remember, delays can always happen to arrive from weather or mechanical malfunctions with the ship.
  • Always check bill of lading to ensure that name of receiver is spelt properly; many countries in the Caribbean will charge a fee to make any changes once shipped